My name is Mike Boyd and a while ago I made a video documenting my process of learning a new skill in a really short amount of time. That idea seemed to resonate with people, so I decided to learn a bunch of other skills.Every video I pick a new challenge and try to conquer it as quickly as possible. Hopefully this content inspires you to learn something new too. Leave me a Tweet telling me what you think and let me know if you have a suggestion for a new challenge. Enjoy the videos! :)

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We have started a new series on the Channel called Average Mike. Now I say we because Kim, my wife, produce’s it, letting me focus on my training. These are all going to be skills that take A LOT more training than my usual Learn Quick series. This was the very first episode and so much went into it. Kim arranged a crew of 15 people, 4 drone pilot’s, 3 camera men (her being one of them) and three boats to make sure I got across the river safely. And it was EPIC! If you have not seen it yet, go check it out!